The Wisdom of Generations

The Sixth Book: Language of Conscience Evolution

the Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal Award

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WisdomofGEnerationsCover The Wisdom of Generations exposes a method of thinking that already has the world’s greatest influencers, policy makers, and leaders applauding because the book touches the very heart of cultural existence at every level— at home, in the community, in the country and across the globe. The book focuses on many of the issues our world, and each one of us as an individual, face today. It reveals how economics and politics often serve self- interests, however culture includes values-based decision-making. These ideas present what world-renown author calls, “Enlightened Conservatism”—an appreciation for the free-market system guarded by values-based self-regulation.

Through thought-provoking dialogue, The Wisdom of Generations analyses some uniquely specific cleavage points and decisions, which ultimately changed history, and it challenges the reader to recognize similar points of current opportunity.

The book is written in two equally robust and important parts, which are:

  1. The Moral Compass of Family: How we come into, interact, and perceive the world around us based on the wisdom and cultures of our family.
  2. The Modern World and How to Navigate it Through Change: How global forces, interactivity, and cycles are directing our future—no matter who you are or where you live.
 "The Wisdom of Generations is bigger than a book. It's obvious to all that WOG ForeWord BOTYA Bronze Imprintthe world is in a state of transition. This book creates a foundation of thought that transcends boundaries, cultures, and politics. Tieman H. Dippel is the voice our world, our communities, and our perceptions need to initiate legitimate progress. He provides a framework of how to think, instead of what to think--a refreshing approach when so many powerful voices are intended on swaying thought or creating "buy-in." This book is for the serious minded individual, and the person who can truly understand that we are one world and one people."
~ John Guerra, CEO, Aztec Worldwide, Former President, AT&T, Former President, National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


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Wisdom Conversations for the Serious Minded Leaders and Thinkers

 The Essentials of The Language of Conscience

The Fifth Book: Language of Conscience Evolution


Awarded Book of the Year by Foreword Magazine,  The Essentials of The Language of Conscience focuses not only on providing a guide to the series of thought to date, but it also discussed building a Modern Decision Matrix on Ethics to Avoid Moral Hazard in Public Policy and Create an “Educated Citizen of Responsibility.”

In the book, Tieman H. Dippel Jr. discusses How you think about something often dictates What you think about it. And, this book enables the reader to view a new perspective of their thought processes.

“The greatest need of character-based organizations is an umbrella thought that unifies perspective and is a catalyst for joint efforts. The Language of Conscience (series) is the most strategic and powerful book (concept) I have seen to accomplish this end.”
~ Bill Redgate, Founder/Director, The Center for Values Based Leadership



Understanding Enlightened Conservatism

The Fourth Book: Language of Conscience Evolution


This much anticipated ebook, was Tieman H. Dippel Jr.’s transitional work which helped organize existing materials and thought from the series in a philosophical and cultural presentation of Enlightened Conservatism. The book offers a dialectic for comparison with the Chinese Harmonious Society and refined concepts from the previous books.

The book includes many of the reports and summaries of efforts of groups, committees, and commissions to address key issues over a number of years, including: the work of the study group founding the Texas Economic Development Commission, the efforts and approach of Texans for Quality Education and for the Arts, sections on the Texas Commission on the Arts, and a spotlight on the Texas Cultural Trust. They are presented as a reference more than as a large compiled book. Catalytic efforts, such as the Texas Lyceum, represents a process within the book.

This ebook is must-have reference to the series.



Instilling Values in Transcending Generations

The Third Book: Language of Conscience Evolution

Instilling Values in Transcending Generations

Winner of the Clarion Five Star Review Award by Foreword Magazine, Instilling Values in Transcending Generations focuses on the power of morality and the need for having a common core of ideas, so that catalysts can be formed to effectively fight in a world dominated by the powers of convenience, corruption, and terrorism.

This book not only spotlights the role personal dignity plays within cultural context and the global spectrum but in it, Tieman H. Dippel Jr. reveals a philosophy of unification through a tool he calls, The Triangles of Enlightened Conservatism.

Widely regarded as one of the most important books in shaping our cultural future, Instilling Values in Transcending Generations is a hearty book for the hearty-intentioned leader.

“The world of the future must find some common values or civilization will disintegrate. Dippel argues for a culture of responsibility.”
~ Roger Ream, President, The Fund for American Studies  (…from the Forward)


The Language of Conscience

The Second Book: Language of Conscience Evolution


Awarded “Book of the Year Finalist” by Foreword Magazine, The Language of Conscience has been applauded and revered by global institutions, educators and world leaders as a framework for understanding the importance of character and morality in shaping individuals and the futures of nations.

Using case studies from the private sector, nonprofit leadership, politics, and history, Tieman H. Dippel Jr. focuses on character, asking the questions that allow the reader to comprehend the divide between conscience and convenience, and the impact each has and can have on our future.

The Language of Conscience has become a staple in Chinese educational institutions and amongst leaders, and is providing a pathway for future leadership.

“If you believe the purpose of life is to matter—to have made a difference that you lived at all—then you’ll treasure the character values and the understanding that comes from them in this insightful book.”
~ U.S. Congressman, Kevin Brady



The New Legacy

The First Book: Language of Conscience Evolution

32597-dust jacket new legacy-opt

Praised for authenticity and a fresh perspective on progress, Tieman H. Dippel Jr. began a thought process and a series of books that would forever lead our leaders with The New Legacy. This book focuses on the importance of family, its value and its applicability in the modern world. Dippel introduces the concept of Enlightened Conservatism—a code of behavior based on individual responsibility. The book, however insightful, avoids the intention of convincing the reader, and instead challenges the reader to ask the right questions to gain critical perspective into their own lives, the political powers that influence, and the economics of the modern world.

“Skipper Dippel has the amazing capacity to re-formulate traditional ideas and values to meet the exigencies of tomorrow. In writing this book, he has given us a map to the future.”
~Ann W. Richards, former Governor of Texas